Top 5 Best Condenser Mic Under Rs 10000 for Vocals in India

Updated: Mar 12

Best Microphone for youtube singers Under Rs 10000 :-

1. Audio technica At2020

This Microphone is the best condenser mic under 10000 for vocals.

It Costs Rs 8250.

No hissing no distortion.

Perfect voice clarity and excellent quality.

This mic connects with audio interface , its a non usb mic (doesnt connects direclty with laptop)

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Rs Rs 8399/-

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2. MXL 770

This Microphone is the second best condenser mic under 10000 with no hissing and perfect voice clarity + Quality.

Its Again Non usb mic - so it need interface but its equally good with at 2020

Mxl company is famous for making lakho ka mic , so its brand is way more popular than audio technica.

Rs 6999

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3. Behringer c1

This Condenser Mic Is one of the best at just Rs Rs 4995/- -

This connects with the computer with mixer .

This does give clean and crisp voice

4.Snowball ice

Snowball ice is a microphone that is a usb mic , this helps to save the money the money for audio interface,

the quality is upto the mark and gets good professional quality.

as it doesn't have phantom power , so the sound quality is little down , but it is up-to the mark.

Snowball Ice usb mic - Rs 4999/- - (Does Not require phantom power)

Snowball Ice usb mic - Rs 4999/- - (Does Not require phantom power)

5. BM - 800 - Full Set

BM 800 is the best microphone in the industry now at the price of just Rs 2299 /

This is a usb mic and connects with pc.

the quality is excellent/But voice is bit sharp.

Great For beginners , In Simple hindi - "kaam Chalau"

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